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  Sichuan Province Qingyuan Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. has the qualification of B-level qualification of soil and water conservation program of development and construction project. It is mainly engaged in the preparation of soil and water conservation program, the preparation of small watershed management project, soil and water conservation project, land development and consolidation project. The industry involves highway, railway, Wading traffic (pier, bridge and tunnel, seawall) project,Airport, electricity (thermal power, nuclear power, wind power, power transmission),Water conservancy, hydropower, Metal mine, non-metallic mineral mine, coal mine, coal chemical industry, cement, pipeline, urban construction, Forest and paper integration, agriculture and forestry development。

  The company has 18 people engaged in the preparation of soil and water conservation programs, including 12 posts for posts and supervisors, 2 senior engineers, 3 senior engineers and 8 engineers. The company's staff structure with reasonable, the establishment of high efficiency, good rules and regulations, a clear responsibility; design results cover the various sectors of the national economy, project owners and administrative business review departments unanimously given "good reputation, good design results" Higher rating。