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  Sichuan Province Qingyuan Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. has the "Engineering Design Qualification Certificate" (Power industry hydropower professional Class A qualification) issued by the National Housing and Urban and Rural Construction Department, can engage in large, medium and small water conservancy and hydropower project resettlement planning outline, Resettlement planning report and other design work. Company Planning Department of land acquisition and resettlement room existing professional and technical personnel 7 people, including provincial immigration experts 1, senior engineer 1。

  The Land Acquisition and Resettlement Room has completed the survey of the physical indicators of more than 10 medium-sized hydropower stations, the design of the resettlement planning outline and the resettlement planning report design. Design results are obtained by colleagues and authorities praise. Which Xigu hydropower station involves 1355 acres of arable land, the relocation of population of 1150 people, 13 enterprises, provincial highway S215 line 10km, the national second-class mapping logo 2 and power, telecommunications facilities, more than 60 km , construction land acquisition and resettlement Difficult, in the local people's government's strong support and the company's professional and technical personnel under the joint efforts of the relevant thematic reports were reviewed once. In the years of power plant design process, the company has accumulated a wealth of land acquisition and resettlement work experience, design results by the competent authorities, owners and immigrants recognition and praise。